Tasline Elite White Braid


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Tasline Elite White is a top end braid manufactured in in New Zealand and Australia from the finest spectra fibres available through Honeywell in the USA.  Tasline is a 8 strand braid with no coatings or additives, leaving it silky smooth and supple for improved casting distance. By using Tasline Elite White you will get of both worlds, smaller diameters to get more line on your reel and higher breaking strain to battle with trophy fish. The simple reason why it is the go to braid for some of the top saltwater anglers around the world. Wether targeting GT on the coral reef or jigging dogtooth tuna in the deep, with Tasline you can fight your trophy fish with extreme confidence.

Available in 300m Rolls.


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50lb PE4, 60lb PE6, 80lb PE8, 100lb PE10


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