Ocean Sativa JMS62 Chrome Jerome Fast Jig


High Glow

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Fast Jigging is a technique that involves rapidly moving a heavy lure up and down through the water column to attract fish. This technique originated in Japan and has become popular around the world for catching variety of  species, including Tuna, GT, Amberjack, Grouper and many more.

The goal of fast jigging is to trigger a reaction strike from predatory fish that are attracted to sudden movements of the lure. This technique is particularly effective for targeting fish in deep water or near the bottom, where traditional casting techniques may not be as effective.

Fast jigging requires a level of skill and physical endurance , as it can be a physically demanding technique that requires constant movement of the rod and reel. However with practice, anglers can become proficient at fast jigging and increase their chances of catching large, powerful fish.

Ocean Sativa JMS62 Chrome Jerome jigs have been trialed and tested with great results, a must have on any jigging trip.


Jig Description:

JMS 62 200g

  • Length 210mm
  • High Glow
  • Best rigged with 9/0 or 11/0 single OS assist hooks

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Glow Chrome, Silver Chrome, Pink Chrome




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