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Slow Pitch Jigging was first developed in Japan by a deep-water angler called Norihiro Sato. He was looking for a way to target fish even when they were not actively feeding, what he ended up creating was one of the most effective techniques ever invented.

The difference between slow pitch and regular jigging is how your jig behaves. You’re not imitating a fish trying to escape, this would be too much for a resting fish to bother with. Instead you use small precise movements which mimic a wounded fish struggling to swim away. It’s an easy snack that even the laziest grouper can’t resist falling victim to. All  jigs on the Ocean Sativa website have been tested by myself with outstanding result. They Work.

As a guideline for slow pitch jigging  take two grams of jig weight for every metre of water.

These jigs are best fished in depths from 80 meters up 140 metres and will work on most fish species.

in two sizes:

JMS26 Reefer 270g

  • Length 185mm
  • High Glow
  •  Best rigged with 7/0  OS double assist hooks


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