Ecooda Smash Shadow Fluorocarbon Leader Line 100%


Material from Japan.

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The Ecooda Smash Shadow 100% leader line is the ideal choice for both slowpitch and fast jigging techniques. Utilizing materials sourced from Japan, a renowned hub for fishing gear innovation, this line offers unparalleled performance. Its exceptional sensitivity allows anglers to detect even the most delicate strikes, ensuring a higher catch rate. The line’s superior strength and durability make it perfect for fast jigging, withstanding the intense forces exerted during rapid movements. Its low stretch properties provide excellent control and responsiveness, allowing for precise and effective lure manipulation. Moreover, the Ecooda Smash Shadow 100% leader line’s Japanese craftsmanship ensures top-notch quality and reliability, making it a trusted companion in various fishing scenarios.

Various Sizes:

#24 Breaking Strain 29.16kg , Diameter 0.816mm , 50m Roll

#28 Breaking Strain 34.98kg , Diameter 0.892mm , 50m Roll

#35 Breaking Strain 38.54kg , Diameter 0.974mm , 30m Pouch

#40 Breaking Strain 44.97kg , Diameter 1.016mm , 30m Pouch


Additional information


#24 29.16kg, #28 34.98kg, #35 36.54kg, #40 44.97kg


50m, 30m


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