Ecooda EMB 1500R Slow Pitch Jigging Reel


Super Smooth

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The Ecooda EMB 1500R is an exceptional overhead reel for slow pitch jigging, particularly when paired with the Ecooda Black Expert II slow pitch rod. Its 15kg star drag system provides impressive stopping power, allowing anglers to tackle demanding and aggressive fish species with ease. The reel’s high precision CNC aviation aluminum construction ensures durability and smooth operation, while the copper gears and stainless steel shaft add strength and reliability to the overall design. This combination of features makes the EMB 1500R a perfect match for the sensitive and responsive action of the Ecooda Black Expert II rod, resulting in a well-balanced and powerful setup for successful slow pitch jigging.


  • Super Smooth Retreive
  • Gear Ratio  6.2.1
  • Line Capacity PE2/500m, PE2.5/400m, PE3/300m
  • Weight 390g
  • Bearing 8+1
  • Drag Power 15kg
  • Line Per Handle Turn 90cm
  • Fast Lock Spool System
  • Neoprene Reel Cover

Additional information

Weight 390 g

EMB 1500R


Navy/Gold, Gunmetal/Grey


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