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The Ecooda ECBGT 80H is the ultimate rod for popping for GT (Giant Trevally) and other topwater species. Its construction with a combination of carbon fiber cloth and DuPont Kevlar fiber provides unmatched strength and durability. This robust design allows anglers to handle the intense fights and aggressive strikes of these powerful fish. The inclusion of Fuji guides guarantees smooth line flow, reducing friction and allowing for long and accurate casts. The Fuji reel seat, sourced from Japan, ensures a secure and comfortable connection between the rod and reel, enhancing control and leverage during battles. With its carbon fiber and Kevlar construction, along with top-quality Fuji components, the Ecooda ECBGT 80H offers the perfect balance of power, sensitivity, and reliability required for successful popping for GT and other topwater species, making it a top choice for anglers pursuing these thrilling saltwater gamefish.


  • Closed Length 178cm
  • Weight 452g
  • Tip 4mm
  • Butt 17.3mm
  • Section 1.5
  • Drag Power 25kg
  • Lure WT 100g-180g
  • Max 200g
  • PE 10


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Weight 452 g
Dimensions 2440 mm



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