225mm GT Fin Palagia Floating Stickbait.


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The 225mm GT Fin Palagia Floating Stickbait, handcrafted from Egyptian Mugna wood, is a remarkable lure that has captivated anglers worldwide. With its impeccable design and extraordinary features, this lure has become a favourite among topwater anglers.

One of the key aspects that set this lure apart from others is its durability. The multiple layers of epoxy that meticulously finish off the lure make it sturdy and resistant to the harsh conditions it may face during fishing. When  you are battling a hard-fighting game fish , the GT Fin Palagia Floating Stickbait is up for the challenge.

However, it is not just its durability that makes this lure exceptional. The action it delivers with each sweep of the rod is simply irresistible to GT and other predatory fish. The lifelike movement of the lure creates a mesmerizing effect in the water, enticing the fish to strike. The skilled craftsmanship behind the design ensures that the lure mimics the natural movement of baitfish, making it difficult for any predator to resist.

No serious topwater angler should be without these lures in their tackle box. The effectiveness of the GT Fin Palagia Floating Stickbait in attracting and catching fish is unmatched. Whether you are targeting GTs  or other predatory fish, these lures consistently deliver incredible results.


  • Length 225mm
  • S/Steel Wire
  • Weight +-100g

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Pink, Teal/White, Black Pearl


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